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(a) The “Owner” is Viva Event Hire

(b) The “Hirer” refers to the person, firm or corporation hiring equipment from the Owner

(c) The “Equipment” means all the equipment and accessories supplied to the Hirer

(d) “Terms” means these Terms and Conditions of Hire


(a) The Hirer acknowledges receipt of the Equipment listed and agrees to the conditions specified.

(b) The Hirer will be charged accordingly if there are any damages or shortages.

(c) If the Equipment is not returned clean & dry the Hirer will be charged accordingly.

(d) If the Equipment is not fully returned or properly stacked and in a readily accessible position ready for pick-up by the Owner at the end of the hire period, the Hirer will be charged the full daily rate per item per day until it is all returned.

(e) If the Hirer causes any delays resulting in extra time or overtime by the Owner, that cost will be charged to the Hirer.

(f) Prices are "for one hire" only unless specified. All hires are strictly COD and payable in cash or card unless agreed otherwise by the Owner. Interest waiver charges are additional.

(g) Cartage, labor & damage waiver charges are additional.

(h) The Owner shall not be responsible or held liable for any damage or loss caused to any person, animal, property or things whatsoever, even though such loss or damage may result from the negligence of the Owner.

(i) The Hirer should check all goods upon delivery for number & condition.

(j) A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm large orders (can be used as credit for up to one year).

(k) Prices quoted include GST & government stamp duty.

(l) Strictly no fires, BBQ’s, Spits, Streamers or Crepe Paper to be used in Marquees.  The customer will be charged for any damages.

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